Ranjit Singh Memorial PG College


Arts Departments

Arts Faculty has eight departments. Department of Physical Education is also attached to Arts Faculty.

Department of Hindi

Hindi department is known for its traditions and good teaching and writing skills. The department has four faculty members, all doctorates in the subject. The former Head of the Department, Dr SB Dabaral, penned many literary books, short stories, poems, khand kavyas and novels. Now the department is headed by Dr SL Sharma, who writes in the name of Dr Shanker 'Kshem'. He has written over 100 modern short stories, one khand kavya, Seetyani - an interview with noted Hindi novelist Pt Amrit Lal Nagar, Ek Adad Chhat, Katranein Zindagi Ki - a collection of stories, Functional Hindi Vol. I and II and several others books on applied Hindi. Dr VK Sharma has produced one Ph D and six candidates are registered under him. Dr KK Chandra has authored two books and got published many research papers in reputed journals. Dr SL Sharma has produced of seven Ph Ds, two have submitted their theses and five are registered under him.

Department of English

Though English is not the official language of India, yet it is virtually working language of India. It is a full fledged department with good strength. Mr RK Mishra and Mr SBL Mathur taught here for a long time. At present the department does not have regular teachers as appointment from the Higher Education Commission is awaited. In the meantime, the management has arranged three teachers from its own resources and they are discharging their duties in a satisfactory manner.

Department of Sanskrit

Sanskrit is a subject of its own importance. It helps the students in creating sanskars. After Dr Harpal Shastri, Dr Poonam Ghai is looking after the department. She is a well versed teacher of the subject and has attended required orientations and refresher courses organised by the University Grants Commission from time to time. She is also Programme Officer, NSS Girls Unit. She has very successfully organised day night camps of girls unit of the college.

Department of Economics

Economics Department was headed by a person of noble nature and an outstanding scholar of the subject, Dr RS Kaushik, who authored many books on the subject. He guided many scholars for their Ph D degrees. Though the present Head of the Department, Dr Bhudev Singh, is not a student of Dr Kaushik, he has learnt a lot from him, particularly in his reading habits. Dr Ranjan Agarwal and Dr VK Sharma are also the learned teachers of their subject. All of them are guiding scholars for their research.

Department of Geography

The Department of Geography is the department of significance in the college. The teaching atmosphere of the department has always been exemplary. Initially the department was headed by a versatile generous man, Prof. SP Singh, and later on by a person of keen interest and knowledge, Dr Virendra Singh. Now the department is headed by Dr LB Rawal, Former Member of Parliament, who is also the Principal of the college. He is regularly publishing a research journal tilted Rohilkhand Journal of Geography from the department. The journal helps the scholars of geography in many ways. The department has modern laboratory and a well-equipped departmental library.

Five candidates have got Ph Ds, three have submitted their theses and eight are registered under Dr LB Rawal. Under Dr (Mrs) Rashmi Sharma Rawal, three candidates have been awarded their Ph Ds, three have submitted their theses and eight are registered. Three candidates are registered for Ph D under Dr HCS Yadav.

Department of Sociology

The department was initially headed by Late Prof BP Mathur and later on Dr Arjun Singh took the change. The Department of Sociology is a post graduate department with high standards of teaching. Dr Arjun Singh is guiding many scholars for the research work in sociology. He has produced two Ph Ds successfully and eight candidates are registered under him for their Ph Ds. He is guiding sprit is the society. All the faculty members are Ph Ds in their subjects.

Department of Political Science

This is a single person department. In the beginning Dr Roop Singh was in command of the department and guided many persons for their research. Now Dr Amit Kumar Singh is discharging the responsibilities well up to the mark. He has authored two books on the subject and is working on a minor research project sanctioned by University Grants Commission, New Delhi. He is a man of keen learning and takes active part in extra curricular activities. He has successfully organised debates, symposia and seminars. He has attended a number of seminars, refreshers and orientation courses.

Department of History

Mrs S Koharwal took the responsibility of the department from Late SL Bahal. She was known to be a good teacher of History and was very popular among the students. Now Mr Manav Kumar Singh is looking after the sole responsibility. He is a good teacher, good human and his students are very comfortable with him. His subject knowledge is worth praising and is always ready to solve subject problems of the students. He has attended several seminars, refresher and orientations. He has discharged the duties of games secretary successfully. He has helped Dr SL Sharma in North Zone Youth Festival, Allahabad, very cordially.

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